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Let's Leverage Your Knowledge

...and unlock its value online


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About YOU

  • you have a head-full of knowledge and skills 
  • KNOW you could be turning this into an online business
  • love your work but want to make more money doing it
  • technology may be an obstacle to creating your own online business
  • don't know the strategy and steps involved in creating an online business
  • want to avoid wasting years trying to figure it out
  • want to build a revenue source you can grow, control,  and do anywhere, anytime
  • you are ready to invest time and energy to make it happen

For You ... a couple of cool resources

This no-fluff masterclass video covers 3 of the very important considerations for your course-creation process: how to identify your Minimum Viable Product, how to plan and plot your design process, and the 3 categories of tools you'll and how to choose what's right for YOU.

Free Course-Creation Masterclass

You've been thinking about creating you own online course but ... is that even feasible for you?  You've got a ton of knowledge and experience but is that enough?  Want to know just how close YOU are to being course-creation ready.  Find out with this 5 minute quiz!

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HerOnlineBiz is a FB group for women growing their online business - or hoping start one - sharing info about processes, tools, opportunities and mindset. Our group ethic is a mutually-supportive karma kind of thing: we all go farther faster when we help each other.

Join the HerOnlineBiz FB Group

Programs, Courses and Events For You & Your Biz

The Incubator Program - we're getting our landing page up to show you how we can help you create your own knowledge-based online business, join the FREE FB group to get a ton of help and info

Build Your Online Biz

Fierce, Fabulous & 50+  - Come with us to Puerto Vallarta; reconnect with your vibrant spirit, embrace the beauty and potential of you in this 50+ incarnation, and re-ignite your soul.

Women's Reset Retreat

Never let your PC skills stand in the way of building your business - or anything else!  This is the fastest route to get YOU solid and up-to-speed in your PC and internet skills - money-back guaranteed!

Course: Start with the Basics

Why I Do What I Do

Why do I work with mid-life women to transform what they do into a viable online business?

1) because I am a mid-life woman and you are MY Tribe!

2) because I'm an inveterate 'underdog' cheering squad and My Tribe is, whether we like it or not, not faring as well, financially, as we should be in the second half of life.

3) because I have over 15 years of experience in designing and building online courses and programs, online business platforms and tools, and creating businesses. At this point in life, I'd rather use that to help women build a different future for themselves.


Insufferable Idealist?? Possibly. But one of my biggest WHYs is how exciting I find it to help another woman create something amazing that leverages all the awesome talents and experience she has. And I'm an excitement junkie.

Let's get excited about YOU!

Book a Discovery Call with Me

"September Smith is the real deal! By asking the right questions about what I wanted to achieve, she got straight down to helping me with ideas on my business, including branding and target markets. Thank you for your knowledge, kindness and encouragement - I now know that I can do this! I have lots of homework to do, but I am more than happy to get on with it and I can't wait to grow my business. "

Testimonial - Nicola Kane
Owner, Love2Video and Love2Web

"The biggest things for me were the unwavering support and mentorship I received, September's enthusiasm, and her creative ability to come up with ideas to further my businesses. Another thing is the technical support offered; she really knows her stuff and she's really good at helping people like me who might not have a lot of technical knowledge. Even when I did feel a bit intimidated, I knew I could just ask and she would show me the easiest way. Initially I tended to try to figure everything out for myself - and wasted so much time when I could have just asked about so many of the little details around starting my online business. I wish I had just been asking right up front and spared myself the grief, because every time I did ask, September just moved me so far forward so quickly. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about creating a online business around their counselling or coaching to sign up. Seeing my vague vision of an online business evolve into something so exciting and 100% do-able was more than I had hoped for. September's knowledge and support was HUGE. I can't say enough just how important that was for me."

Testimonial - Deanna Leippi
Owner, Live Again Counselling

"[Our call] was amazing. It was like I had a whole bunch of unrelated ingredients sitting scattered all over the counter; you showed me how this could all be put together. I just saw ingredients; you showed me that what I have is actually this amazing cake! Thank you, September!"

Testimonial - Dr Katia de Marco
Naturopathic Doctor

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