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YOUR ONLINE BIZ TOOLS - For those of you who suddenly need to get your business online FAST - or need to replace employment income with an online gig - I share a list of tools you can use to do just that.  For each tool, I show you 1) the business function it replaces, 2) what it can do for you, and 3) why you'll love it.


Whether you are moving your business online or replacing employment income by taking your skills online, knowing what kind of online business is right for you is the first step. With that, you can choose the tools and processes you will need. Take this short quiz and find out!

QUIZ - What's Your Online Biz Model?

The HerNewOnlineBiz group supports, teaches and mentors women just starting their online business to help them move ahead faster.  ✅Tips,✅training, ✅feedback and ✅community to keep you motivated and building your business with momentum, clarity and confidence.

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"September Smith is the real deal! By asking the right questions about what I wanted to achieve, she got straight down to helping me with ideas on my business, including branding and target markets. Thank you for your knowledge, kindness and encouragement - I now know that I can do this! I have lots of homework to do, but I am more than happy to get on with it and I can't wait to grow my business. "

Testimonial - Nicola Kane
Owner, Love2Video and Love2Web

"The biggest things for me were the unwavering support and mentorship I received, September's enthusiasm, and her creative ability to come up with ideas to further my businesses. Another thing is the technical support offered; she really knows her stuff and she's really good at helping people like me who might not have a lot of technical knowledge. Even when I did feel a bit intimidated, I knew I could just ask and she would show me the easiest way. September just moved me so far forward so quickly. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about creating a online business around their counselling or coaching to sign up. Seeing my vague vision of an online business evolve into something so exciting and 100% do-able was more than I had hoped for. September's knowledge and support was HUGE. "

Testimonial - Deanna Leippi
Owner, Live Again Counselling

"[Our call] was amazing. It was like I had a whole bunch of unrelated ingredients sitting scattered all over the counter; you showed me how this could all be put together. I just saw ingredients; you showed me that what I have is actually this amazing cake! Thank you, September!"

Testimonial - Dr Katia de Marco
Naturopathic Doctor

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