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The Exit Strategy Program - What is it?

A 1:1 personalized coaching program for women who want to go fast, with laser focus, to design and create their unique knowledge-based online business 

Your Exit Strategy, a 12-week intensive 1:1 program, consists of 4 phases to take you from the first exploratory stage  through to having your completed online business ready for launch.  Using the metaphor of a gold-rush these phases are:

Phase 1 -  Prospecting for Gold

WHAT WE DO:  Find the richest vein of gold within your expertise as the best starting place for your business, survey related skill-sets for future development, assess the competition, and validate findings before moving forward 

BENEFIT TO YOU:   knowledgeable and validated decisions on WHAT you will sell, HOW you will sell it, for HOW MUCH, and to WHOM


Phase 2 - Staking Your Claim

WHAT WE DO:  Decide the scope of your online business; your business goals - immediate to long-term; design the your business products, create a production plan based on desired outcomes and timelines; and identify the best tools for you.
BENEFIT TO YOU:   a clear roadmap, timelines, design and a toolkit for your business building and development, SAVING MONTHS OR YEARS of trial and error


Phase 3 - Mining and Refining

WHAT WE DO: Execute the production plan: develop and produce the necessary components for your business and marketing, such as video, articles, PDFs, templates, workbooks, and any visual assets to go with that.
BENEFIT TO YOU:   mentoring and guidance to keep you on target and progressing forward; always knowing where you are in the process, what to do next and how; and valuable feedback on your ideas and content all through your process


Phase 4 - Getting Market-Ready

WHAT WE DO:  Set up the business tools and platforms, automating your operation, testing all aspects, setting up initial landing pages and your payment portal, and getting initial marketing in place - and you're ready to put up your "Open for Business" sign
BENEFIT TO YOU:  a business that runs semi-automatically, saving you time, making you more money; the best offers and pricing in place for your business launch; your initial marketing in place and ready to flip the OPEN FOR BUSINESS switch
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In the 30 min call, we will dig into your desires, needs, professional assets and your goals for reconfiguring your career with an online business. Regardless of outcomes, this call will give you valuable insight and take-aways.

From our conversation together, if I know I can help you, I'll share some options for how we could work together.  If I don't feel you would be best served by me, I will point you toward people who can help you in what you need. 

Either way, you win!

Your Questions - My Promise

From the questionnaire you fill out before our complimentary first call, the information we uncover in our call and the feeling you get in your gut, you will know if you can do this. If I think for one moment that you can't do this, I will tell you.  It doesn't serve either of us to drag you through something you cannot do; we will both hate it - and what's the point of that?

I have created online business programs and courses that have serves tens of thousands of people, often starting from nothing but the germ of an idea; I am good at this. However, if I think I cannot help you, I will tell you frankly - and I will try to point you to someone who can.

Again, if I feel you have no potential to create something you could profitably market online, rest assured, I will tell you before we get off our first call.  However, if someone pays you for your professional service right now, you probably have the potential.

If we are not compatible, we will both know it.  I want to work with clients that I love so much, their success is top of mind for me, I'm constantly coming up with cool ideas for their programs and content, and I enjoy every step of helping them achieve their goals.  And you deserve that, as well!  If we are not compatible, I will do my best to point you toward someone who is a better fit for you.

I work with women who have a similar background; educated, accomplished, experienced and expertise in their field but they are feeling their career is stuck, being sidelined or no longer feeling right - whether it's office politics, your location and available opportunities, or even gendered-ageism (it's a thing! just watch the psychology underpinning a botox commercial) - I get where you are coming from. 

Each client will have a custom timeline and production plan for achieving their goals in the 12 week period. That being said, life happens and things come up; we'll work around it.  In addition, all clients get 1 month of free membership in a Facebook group where they can continue to get help and support in their venture.   

I make a point of choosing the tools and technology that are right for a given person.  I am brand agnostic and would never want to foist tools on you that will be a nightmare for you or your clients.  
In addition, my clients have full access to a resource course on computer (PC) basics as many GXers have gaps in some areas of their computer skills and I do not want that easily-remediable thing to stand in your way!

If you change your mind, and don't want to make this positive impact on your life, well - that's up to you!  I respect that.  At any point you can give notice that you would like to conclude development on your business and you will only be financially responsible for the phases that we have worked on or completed.  And you keep any of the materials we have developed together.

Sometimes the best boss to further your career is YOU

Let's explore how we can make that happen


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