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Step1: Planning Your Video

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

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Summary: Planning your video is essential for ROI. It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking; at least nail down the 5 parameters for basic video planning.

Planning – Meh. When you’re inspired and the energy is running high you want to just “do it!” I totally get it! Unfortunately, if you want anyone else to consume your creation, you might want to give it some thought. This especially applies to your videos!

Certainly, if you are making videos for your business, you are going to be making more than one. Your videos are your audience’s personal encounter with you or your brand and you really need brand consistency. Why? It’s all part of the Know-Like-Trust effect. In essence, your audience is not going to get a feeling of knowing you if every video they see has a total different look and feel to it.

Like a TV Series

Think of your favorite TV series. It’s probably pretty formulaic. Despite that, for those that like the formula, they’ll keep coming back.

Basically, your business videos should be like a series; a series of consistent quality and delivery. For those who come to know and like you, they will come to trust that they can hit up your material for a familiar experience and some helpful, usable or, at least, entertaining content.


Planning your video, you do not have to labor for months, but at least get some big picture stuff in the bag so that, 6 months from now, you have a semi-coherent series of video content that holds together, represents your brand and is something that people will want to delve into and consume. Here are some of the parameters you want to nail down now:

– What’s Your Goal?

Before you even get started into production, lay out your goals. Why are you even making videos? What journey are you taking your viewers on? What do you want them to do after watching? What are the elements that are going to help achieve that? What videos can you make that will embody those elements and build toward the goal of your series of videos?

– What’s Your Vibe?

With your goal sketched out, think of the look and feel that you’ll want to represent your brand and to match the content that you’ll be conveying – Bubbles the Clown will want a different feel to her corporate videos than Lisa Life Coach or Wendy Wealth Manager. In short, think of your ideal client and then imagine what they would be attracted to.

– What Assets Does That Require? With your vision of the look and feel that’s right for your clientele, design your brand video assets – your intro, outro, titling, thumbnail style and any music that may accompany your intro and outro.

– What’s Your Format?

How long will your videos be? How will they unfold? Are they headshot videos with you onscreen all the time? Are they screen-capture? A mix of both?

– What’s the Sequence?

While you can always come back later and add prequels, sketch out your series of videos in a rough chronological order. Which ones build on which? Is there a topic of theme that is the foundation for the rest? Start there. Create a list of the videos you know you’ll want to create and put them in order.

Take-away: your videos are part of building the “Know-Like-Trust” with your audience. That doesn’t happen by accident; you have to plan it.


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