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Step 2 – Scripting Your Course Videos (Pros and Cons)

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

Read Time: 3 minutes

Summary:  quick look at why you might want to script your video with vlog post waxing rhapsodic on repurposing content.

I'm a huge proponent of scripting your videos - even if you don't end up using it verbatim!   

So why would I go to the trouble of writing a script if I'm not going to use one!

The PROs

In the pro category, having created the script you have more focus when you are recording the video; you know your intended content more deeply and it helps you stay on topic, even if you're not actually reading the script.

Another pro is what I think of as BS testing.  Going through the motions of writing a coherent script can flush out the flaws, redundancies and issues with what you want to say, reducing the chance of your video - and you - sounding like BS. 

A third pro is completeness - when you have taken the time to produce a coherent script, you have a better chance of capturing the ALL the things you need to address in your video.  Once you have your video recorded and you're in editing mode, it SUCKS to realize you forgot to talk about the crucial XYZ issue. ...do you start all over? try to go back and grab a take of just the missing info and hope it blends unnoticed with the rest of your footage?  

The fourth and most valuable reason for scripting is the re-purposing potential.  Your script can be re-purposed as  

  • a blog post, 
  • captions for your video (excellent for both boosting the SEO of your video and the page it's on but also because most social media videos are initially consumed with the sound off and captions entice clicks)
  • part of an online course,
  • part of an eBook
  • downloadable transcripts for clients
  • text snippets for your landing pages
  • quotes for memes

Write once, use over and over!

The CONs

It's only fair to look at the cons of script writing which some would cite as the lack of spontaneity, sounding stilted, taking up too much time, and my favorite, "I'm not a good writer"

A brief comment on each:

  • lack of spontaneity - 99.99% of all the movies you have ever watched were scripted; it is the job of the actor (you) to know it well enough to sound natural and spontaneous
  • sounding stilted - see above
  • if you think it takes too much time, you have never had to try and edit out the mangled parts of a video when someone was 'just winging it'; a few minutes to write versus hours of editing
  • I'm not a good writer - there tends to be a direct correlation between good writing and strong speaking skills. If you struggle to write down your ideas, how articulately can you express your ideas when speaking off the cuff?

So, as I mentioned at the top of the article, scripting paying for itself at least 4 times over?  The time you save editing a 'spontaneous' recording, the increased professional impression you and your video will give, and the hours saved due to the ready-made content your script affords through re-purposing makes it extremely worthwhile.


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