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Course Creation: What’s Marketing Got to Do With It?

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

What's Marketing Got to Do With It?

When I came across the descriptor, "Course Launch Strategist", I knew I had to connect with this Patti Haus person. The word "strategy" always grabs my attention. I'm all about the well-thought-out plan, so I reached out. Being a long-time course designer for industry and academia, I've never had to put a lot of attention into the sales and marketing side of a course. Talking with Patti, I was delighted to discover how much tenets of good course design mirror the requirements of strategic course marketing.

This video above is a condensed form of our conversation. We explore the many ways in which marketing your course should be informing your course creation process - right from the start!

For brevity sake - because YOUR time matters! - the parts where we crack up laughing have been removed. Disclaimer: Some of them may have found their way into the intro. Just sayin

Strategic Course Marketing - from the outset

For 99.9% of course creators, the goal of the course is to add another stream of income. It is a digital product that you will need to sell. Strong sales require great marketing. Why wait until you've finished your course creation to find that your marketing requires major changes in the course? Incorporate the right elements right from the outset.

To this end, I am thrilled to collaborate with Patti to have her add her expertise to my clients' course creation planning. This is yet another factor in ensuring the best outcomes for your courses and online programs.


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