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It can take years to find the right equipment ... or just some great advice.


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Let me save you time; here are all of the resources I use to help build and maintain my business online. 


Who it’s for: people who like the best combo of quality, usability and price. All up an incredible microphone for podcasting, vlogging, video narration, conferencing, and gaming.  More expensive than the Snowball, but still reasonably priced and with more sound recording control.  Highly recommend!

Try Blue Yeti

Who it’s for:  people who want the best price and simplest USB microphone with quality output. Yeti's little sister is simple, light-weight but sturdy.  A great starter mic.

Try Blue Snowball

Who it’s for: people who want the quality, visual subtlety and easy transportability of a Lavalier Microphone and the plug and play convenience of USB connection for use directly with their computer or laptop.  Some users find audio low-end is dampened - not insurmountable with mic adjustment and/or simple editing.  Very reasonably priced for the results. 

Try USB Fifine Lapel Microphone


Who it’s for: people who need a great webcam with 1080p for recording themselves as they explain onscreen interfaces, for web series, streaming or YouTube videos. It is also great for someone who just wants a clear picture when they do online conferencing.  Highly recommend!

Try LogitechC920


Who it’s for: if you are recording your video on your cell phone - and why not! - and you are doing it from your desk, this could be the easiest solution for easy, inexpensive and portable lighting. 
The downside of this lighting is that the 3.5" lighting ring is less effective once you are more than a few feet away from the light.  If this is you, you might want to look at Diva Ring lighting. 

Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder

Who it’s for: if you are doing headshot video, with either camera or phone, and need a bit better lighting with the option to be a bit further from your lighting AND have the space in your setup for the stand for the Diva Ring, this could be your lighting solution.  The larger lighting ring gives a wider facial illumination, resulting in a superior effect.  
If you are shooting video at a wider angle, for example, wanting to shoot from far enough away to capture your whole body onscreen, you will need something a little more involved than the Diva Ring.

Try Diva Ring Lighting

Who it’s for:  for wider shots, where you need to light a larger area, simple lighting kits are surprisingly inexpensive.  There is a bit more setup involved than ring lighting but gets better results for overall lighting.  You want at least a two-light kit to get balanced lighting. 

The downside of these basic kits is that the stands and equipment are really only built for simple, casual use.  If your video production will require frequent setup and breakdown, and rougher handling you will need more upscale suite of lighting equipment. 

Try Video Lighting Kits

Who it’s for:  for those interested in doing well-lit green screen video and want it all in a handy, portable kit.  Easily turn your space into a video studio and get the green screen flexibility you're looking for at an great price

As above, the downside of these kits is that the stands and equipment are not robust industry standard.  If your video production will require frequent setup and breakdown, and rougher handling you will need more upscale suite of lighting equipment.  If not, this could be your solution!

Try Combo Lighting and green Screen Kits

Video Software

Who it’s for: people with a strategy for video production for marketing and/or course building, looking for the best combination of ease of use and quality of output.

Try Camtasia

Who it’s for: people who are looking to invest the time and effort to learn to create professional video.

Try Premiere Pro

Audio Software

Who it’s for: people who like FREE but powerful.

Audacity has all the functionality you could want for simple sound editing and a lot of advanced features as well. It's pretty intuitive and there are loads of how-to tutorials online because it is so widely used.  Highly recommend!

Try Audacity

Graphic Design

Who it’s for: people who have no graphic design skills but need to produce visual content such as covers, reports, thumbnails and SM posts. And it's FREE!  Even for those with skills the quick templates can provide a quick solution for PDF and thumbnail creation.

Try Canva

Who it’s for: if you already are using Adobe Premiere for video, Photoshop has the advantage of integrating with it . Photoshop is pretty much industry standard and is an excellent tool that can help you tweak graphics you've created in other SaaS tools, like Canva or RelayThat.
The downsides for the beginner without an Adobe license is the cost and the learning curve.

Try Adobe Photoshop

Work Productivity

Who it’s for: people who need to let clients book appointments and want to save heaps of time on the back and forth to finding the perfect time for both.  You set your availability - as much or as little time as you want to devote to client appointments, sync with your calendar and just share the link for clients to book their own time.

Acuity let's you set up payment via the app, let's you share links for conferencing tools, creates confirmation and reminder emails - or a whole email sequence if you want - and even let's clients reschedule if necessary - all the while keeping you informed of what's happening.  It saves so much time and is an elegant solution for this tedious task. 

For the power that Acuity puts in your hands, the setup is easy and the support team is great if you hit a snag! Highly recommend!

Try Acuity Scheduling

Business Books

 What they say: If you're looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf. REWORK is the perfect playbook for anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing it on their own.

The no-BS tone appeals - I'm trying to run a business here! I don't have time for fluff or pie-in-the-sky aphorisms.  In addition, there were a lot of passages in the book that really made me stop and think deeply about my business - and made me take action.  Most business books don't have that impact.  

Rework - by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Why you might like it:  1) this book is FREE (you only have to pay for shipping and you end up on their email list) and 2) it is like an intensive, distilled primer on today's online marketing world.  It's not the last book you'll want to read on this subject but it a valuable first step in getting your head in the game.  The only thing to keep in mind is that the book is actually an extended marketing tool for ClickFunnels.  Doesn't make it less valuable as a great source of info; just know you are being sold to.

Try DotCom Secrets:


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