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Who It's For

Coaches, counsellors, speakers, authors or trainers who want to take their business online and would be doing so ... if it wasn't for the obstacle of basic computer skills. We can help!!

Contractors and trades people who are falling behind, losing business and would be fixing that with some automation ... except for lack of basic computer skills. We can help!!

Anyone looking to upgrade their career skills or anyone wanting to start a new business and would be doing so ... if their sketchy computer skills weren't standing in the way.  We can help!

What Our Students Are Saying


Your Quick Steps to PC Proficiency

  • Sign up for Start with the Basics
  • Do 4 simple assessments to tell you where to start
  • Complete the  module you need now, based on results
  • Implement the skills you learned
  • Rinse and repeat, as necessary

[...and contact us if you have any questions!!]



To show you how we work together to present this course, we're going share the Tech Tips video for Module 2 as a free preview.


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