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Bring your spirit back to life!

In Mexico, Dia de los Muertos is an amazing time of re-awakening and celebration; joyously acknowledging the past and renewal of connection to that energy, and welcoming with love the spirit that is part of us all. Come with us to Puerto Vallarta; rediscover your spirit, embrace the beauty of you in this 50+ incarnation, and re-ignite your soul.

Fierce, Fabulous & 50+ Kaleidoscope

A Taste of the Who, What and Why

You may be wondering, "but what's it all about? and who's running it and what inspired this idea? ... and - OMG - who wouldn't want to be in Puerto Vallarta in November??"  By way of explanation; a pretty candid conversation on the WHY of  Fierce, Fabulous & 50+ - a Reset Retreat



Discover all the amazing things about Old Vallarta and rediscover the you who used to laugh, love and live large - and the vitality that fueled that. Join our Facebook group to get that started!


Embrace the many incarnations that we, as women, have been through in life, the journeys that have tested our mettle and made us stronger, and the essence of our amazing spirit that has always been there at our core.


"We are the average of the 5 people we spend time with"

Come spend time with women who want to feel fabulous and do amazing things in their 50+ life and ignite the excitement in your soul.

Find Your Tribe & Find Out More

Fierce, Fabulous & 50+ Reset Schedule

Arrivals: get your gorgeous self to PV, drop your stuff at your place and head over to...

Welcome Reception: we'll meet at Villa Casa Patricia - our base for the retreat - for some evening breezes, refreshments and a casual info session

Morning Market - the Olas Alta Puerto Vallarta market commences for the season this morning, food, music, artisans, and right off the beach.

Lunch at the Villa

Afternoon - intro sessions with Laurie (holistic health), Sam (yoga) and Loreli (50+ Fitness)

Dia de los Muertos celebration and parade down on the Malecon (PV beachside 'boardwalk') 

Rise Up Yoga:  suck up the relaxation and beautiful calm of yoga with Sam

Physical You

   Morning Sessions - a live call and conversation with Caroline Ferguson from the UK - mindset, intention setting and re-envisioning you - tips and techniques


   Live Music and Margs on the Island - my favorite Mexican group plays at my favorite bar in old Vallarta - Babel Bar

Tia's Taco Party - learn how to make (and eat) authentic PV tacos with one of cooks right there at the villa. 

50+ Fitness with Loreli

   Fine tuning our vision of US:   ...with September & Deanna


   Who's Story is It Anyway? - rewriting the narrative

Sunset Celebration: in PV, sunset over the bay is often shared and celebrated with friends with your favorite beach-side beverage

Rise Up Yoga: with Sam

Morning sessions:

The Shit The DON'T Tell You About This Womanhood Gig - 
Back to the Future  


   Re-envisioning YOU 

   Visualizing Your Strong Female Essence in art - a studio tour and talk with Kathleen Carillo

Play by Ear - the studio is surrounded by cute places to grab a bite, so close to the artisan pop-up market on the Cuale Island, and steps from some live music on the beach

50+ Fitness on the beach with Loreli

Hair and MakeUp Session - not that you aren't fabulous already

Selling That Story

Phoenix photoshoot to capture that beautiful essence of you that has emerged from these days together - Fierce, Fabulous and loving your 50+!

Zenith Dinner: a final celebratory rooftop dinner with Mexican food, music, stars and ocean breezes - and still looking like a million bucks from your photoshoot. 

Our Fabulous Facilitators

Sam Cress

Sam began her yoga journey in 1981 and  believes that through yoga we are able to love more, embrace each day, live in the moment, create joy and welcome every experience.   Sam is living her dream sharing her passion for yoga in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Favorite Quote:  Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  ~ Rumi

Business: Ángel Yoga PV

September Smith

Coach and mentor to mid-life women creating an online business based on their knowledge, experience and skills, if there's anything September likes better than travel and tinkering with tech, it's helping women be their most lit-up, awesome self. 

It is essential to refind our fierce self to move fearlessly and fabulously into our next chapter!

Favorite Quote:  Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~ Helen Keller

Business:   Of Course! Consulting

Loreli Urquhart

Owner of AlterEgo Fitness, Loreli combines her passion for fitness and strength and her understanding of what is beneficial at the various stages of a woman's life. The result is thoughtful, safe, fun and fairly irreverent. #lorelistyle #lovewhatido

Favorite Quote:  It's about the journey - mine and yours - and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better.  ~ Tony Dungy

Business:   AlterEgo Fitness

Laurie Stewart

 "We have to ditch the "anti-aging" manipulation out there and replace it with a "Pro-Aging" mindset." Laurie's is a holistic perspective, combining nutrition, natural supplements and metabolic balance, and how this impacts menopausal and post-menopausal women.  

Favorite Quote: Don't fight it; transform it. ~ Edward Bach

Business:  Future Wellness

Kathleen Fredrick Carillo

Kathleen is the owner and artist-in-residence in her galleries in Puerto Vallarta and Carlsbad, CA. In every painting Kathleen creates, there is an underlying message of divine connection, the color and design speak of the Colorful Magic of Life. 

Favorite Quote:  Divine Inspiration is the source of my vision, my life’s work, and my greatest joy!

Business:  Kathleen Carillo Gallery

Your Beautiful 50+ Self

YOU are the most important facilitator in this journey to refinding your fire and honoring YOU through exploring what that fierce and fabulous woman wants - and doesn't want - in her 'one wild and precious life'. 

Quote:  Tell me what it is you plan to do with you one wild and precious life.  ~Mary Oliver

Your Business:  Getting Back to Fabulous!

Our Fierce and Fabulous Wise-Woman

Laurie's Retreat Talk - Part I
Laurie's Retreat Talk - Part II
Click to download the audio files to put on your phone, iPad or laptop to listen as often as you want.

Refind You

Come, bring your best, most cherished and fiery girlfriend and meet a tribe of other women just like you; fierce, fabulous, 50+, still wanting a life infused with vibrance, laughter and meaning. #notdeadyet.


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